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Sky Movies Showcase

Genre: Movies
Channel Location: 314

Channel Description:

Sky Movies Showcase is the home for all seasons specials, box sets and collections. From the best of a genre to a spotlight on a star, inspiring directors, films on a theme or the best of the latest blockbusters, there’s always something to get excited about! The must-see seasons coming soon include Need For Speed season, Jack Nicholson season, Dinosaur season and the Clint Eastwood season. In addition to scheduling the best movies on TV, Showcase is also the definitive location for celebrity takeovers, live award ceremonies, interstitials and key Movie box sets.


  • Viewers of Sky Movies are more upmarket than the average viewer
  • Monthly average audience of 9.9 million individuals
  • Reaches both a male and female audience
  • A great place to reach all the family – 16% of viewers are children
  • Attracts a younger audience –  35% of viewers are 16-34

Channel Insights:

Movie viewers are more likely to…

  • Be owners of new technology products such as Xbox and an IPod
  • Have broadband access
  • Be interested in fashion, music and clubbing
  • Take regular holidays/breaks
  • Have health and life insurance
  • Go to the cinema regularly
  • Defining Programmes
  • 12 Rounds – Quantum of Solace – Gran Torino – Sherlock Holmes – Max Payne – G-Force – Inglorious Basterds – Ice Age 3 – Sin City