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Sky Movies Classics

Genre: Movies
Channel Location: 311

Channel Description:

Timeless features, as compelling today as when they were first made, from an age when film stars shone brighter. These movies will wow the newcomer and delight the converted. From the cool of Newman and McQueen to the heat of Brando and Dean, this is the stuff of legend. Sky Movies Classics will be featuring some of cinemas most unforgettable performances.


  • Viewers of Sky Movies are more upmarket than the average viewer
  • Monthly average audience of 9.9 million individuals
  • Reaches both a male and female audience
  • A great place to reach all the family – 16% of viewers are children
  • Attracts a younger audience –  35% of viewers are 16-34

Channel Insights

Movie viewers are more likely to…

  • Be owners of new technology products such as Xbox and an IPod
  • Have broadband access
  • Be interested in fashion, music and clubbing
  • Take regular holidays/breaks
  • Have health and life insurance
  • Go to the cinema regularly

Defining Programmes

The Wizard of Oz – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – For a Few Dollars More – The Great Escape – It’s a Wonderful Life – Bedknobs and Broomsticks – The Sound of Music – Shane