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Channel number: 365

Channel description:

Based on the iconic Saturday morning series, The Chart Show plays a great mixture of chart related music as well as our popular charts: Singles, Album, Urban, Dance, Rock, Airplay and our new Download chart.


  • Chart Show TV has a monthly reach of 1.8m individuals
  • Chart show viewers are predominantly female
  • Attracts a young audience – 62% are aged 16-34

Channel Insights:

Chart Show viewers are more likely to…

  • Buy music and own an MP3/iPod
  • Enjoy going clubbing and to the cinema
  • Be interested in fashion and think it’s important to look good
  • Spend £200+ per year on CDs from the internet
  • Enjoy gambling and betting online

Defining Programmes:

  • Chartshow’s famous charts
  • The Daily Fix – presenter led daily news and music show
  • 2 Minute traxs! – just enough to satisfy you
  • Most Wanted – viewer request show
  • Pop Party – our famous compilation brand on TV