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Genre: Music
Channel number: 372

Channel description:

A channel of pure, smooth grooves for blissed out moods. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Bliss plays classic artists like Madonna, Bee Gees and Tina Turner and chart stars like Robbie Williams, Will Young, James Blunt and Kylie. Bliss viewers love the classics and relax into the easy listening playlists. This is the channel for people who like to unwind and get cosy.


  • Bliss has a  monthly reach of 1.6m individuals
  • Around half of Bliss viewers are 16-34
  • Like its sister channels, Bliss attracts a slightly more female audience (59%)

Channel Insights

Bliss viewers are more likely to…

  • Buy music and own an MP3/iPod
  • Enjoy going clubbing and to the cinema
  • Be interested in fashion and think it’s important to look good
  • Spend £200+ per year on CDs from the internet

Defining Programmes

Most Blissful Songs of… - Late Night Love - The Greatest Love Of All - Under The Covers