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Genre: Music
Channel number: 374

Channel description:

The only digital channel that is total Rock.  There’s no confusion about Scuzz. You know what you are going to get like Marilyn Manson, Green Day, Lost Prophets, Korn, Velvet Revolver and Metallica. As a result our viewers are passionate about Scuzz, for them it’s the definitive guide to rock music on TV.

Aimed at the die hard rock fan – if you rock hard then Scuzz is the channel for you! The channel is scheduled with hourly and two hourly dayparts perfect for sponsorships.


  • Scuzz has a monthly reach of 1.4m individuals
  • Scuzz attracts a more male audience
  • Compared to all other music channels, Scuzz is the most upmarket - 41%  ABC1

Channel Insights

Scuzz viewers are more likely to…

  • Buy music and own an MP3/iPod
  • Enjoy going to the cinema
  • Read The Sun
  • Spend £200+ per year on CDs from the internet
  • Enjoy gambling and betting online

Defining Programmes

The Hitlist - Rock Anthems - Most Rockin: Viewer Request Show - Superstars of Rock.