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Genre: Music
Channel number:376

Channel description:

Dance Nation has the best dance ever mixed on TV, fusing house, trance, disco anthems and classics right around the clock. Dance Nation is a dedicated dance music channel, delivering pure club culture and a continuous mix of massive anthems 24/7: classic floorfillers through to what’s hot in clubland right now!

Dance Nation viewers don’t want the party to end. This is the channel that brings the party to your sofa! The channel is scheduled with hourly and two hourly dayparts perfect for sponsorships.


  • Dance Nation has a monthly reach of 1.3m individuals
  • 57% of viewers are 16-34 (vs 30% of all TV Homes)
  • Reaches an equal number of men and women

Channel Insights

Dance Nation viewers are more likely to…

  • Buy music and own an MP3/iPod
  • Enjoy going clubbing and to the cinema
  • Be interested in fashion and think it’s important to look good
  • Spend £200+ per year on music/CDs from the internet
  • Defining Programmes
  • 10 Biggest Floorfillers - Most Request: Viewer Request Show - Top 20 Ibiza Anthems - Battle of the Decks