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Genre: Music
Channel number: 366

Channel description:

Programming consists of BIG HITS from the last 5 years plus those from 80s, 90s and 2000s. The channel also features dayparts based on popular artists and showcase years. Vault viewers are passionate about music & enjoy being surprised by old favourites.


  • The Vault has a monthly reach of 2.2m individuals
  • The Vault attracts a slightly more female audience (57%)
  • The Vault attracts a wide age range of viewers

Channel Insights

The Vault viewers are more likley to…

  • Buy music and own an MP3/iPod
  • Enjoy going clubbing and to the cinema
  • Be interested in fashion and think it’s important to look good
  • Spend £200+ per year on CDs from the internet

Defining Programmes

Saturday Night Party - Classic hits - Karoake Klassics - Vault Loves .. - Vault Classics - Best of 1980′s etc.